Part No. XT222 | VW T4 Headlamp Upgrade Kit Inc DRL's

VW T4 Headlamp Upgrade Kit Inc DRL\'s


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This headlamp upgrade kit is primarily deigned to compliment the after market 'Audi style' headlamp units incorporating the use of LED sidelights/ daylight running lamps (DRL's). This kit will operate the LED DRL's when the ignition is on. It will allow the front side lamp feature to function as normal with the ignition key out. 

You may not be aware that unlike other DRL wiring kits out there all four headlamp bulbs stay on with high beam, so instead of the dipped beam bulbs switching off when you go onto high beam both headlamp dishes stay on in each headlamp unit. This will make the road light up even more with a greater field of view, with  short & long range illumination of the road.

Optional Extra's: With this kit you can also purchase the high performance  Osrams Night Breaker Plus H1 buls which are suited for most Audi Style Headlights. Both the main and high beam use H1 bulbs so you can either have just one pair or two pairs. Please check to be sure.

This kit also includes all the benefits of our other model XT111. Giving you the improved voltage at the headlamps giving you a much brighter light.

This is what you will see when the ignition comes on. Only the front lights, no rear ones.

When you turn the lights on to side lights, this LED strip stays lit and the rear lights will switch on.

Lights in the dipped beam position.

Lights in the full beam position.

Again full beam position.


If you have any problem viewing the fitting instructions then contact us and we can send you a copy via e-mail.

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