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What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text information files that that are stored on your PC / MAC hard drive by your web browser. If you have registered with us then your computer will store an identifying cookie saving you time when you re-visit by remembering your preferences. You can change these settings on your browser to prevent cookies being stored on your computer without your explicit consent.

By using our website you agree to cookies being used in accordance with our policy.
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How do I disable cookies when viewing your website?
It’s possible to stop your browser accepting cookies from websites.
Disabling cookies from our site will mean you lose a lot of browsing functionality, which will have an impact on your smooth shopping experience and mean that you may have limited access to personalised areas of the site. Without gaining access to the information on cookies it is difficult for us to monitor the performance of our web site. This is essential for us to continually improve our online shopping service.

Why are we telling customers about this?
New EU legislation laws now require website operators to ask for permission before using certain kinds of cookies.

(By registering and shopping with Xtremevan you are giving consent for cookies to be stored on your device.)

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