Welcome to the TDS Healthcare Ltd, 24-hour secure Internet payments service where you may make your payment using most major credit or debit cards using this secure site..

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
As you progress with your payment, a pop-up page may appear inviting you to register for MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa. This service is provided by your card issuer and gives you added protection when you purchase online. Once registered, everytime you pay online your card issuer will ask you for a selection of random characters from your personal password. In seconds your card issuer confirms that it's you and allows your payment to be completed.

The content of the payment page is controlled by your card issuer, all communication is between you and your card provider. Your password information is not shared with TDS Healthcare Ltd. If you want to know more about this service please visit your Card Issuers website. We take your credit card security when shopping online very seriously and will authenticate your card using the most stringent security procedures. If your card is registered in a scheme where additional authentication is required (i.e. Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code), you will be prompted for the information you need to authenticate the card with the card issuer.

You are now about to make the payment for your order. Please check that the order details are correct and then either click on the 'continue' button to make your payment. Once you click on 'Make Payment' your transaction will be authorised online. This will typically take within six to ten seconds but various factors can affect the actual time taken. Please refrain from clicking on any other browser buttons or navigating to other sites while this process takes place. If the payment process stops responding for any reason then we recommend that you simply close your browser.

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